About Luisa Rome

I love capturing that moment through making photographs and those moving moments through video.

I am fortunate to have a day job that I actually enjoy and allows me to balance my time between photography, family and my time.

I am also fortunate to have had the opportunity to travel as well as collaborate with a diverse group of people, making the creative process .

I’m generally a sucker for any photography assignment.

When I’m not snapping away, you can find me either on the beach with a book, spending time with friends and family, or enjoying a home cooked meal served up by my husband!

Special Mentions…

Terry Murphy from Kommune Photography and Photography School, an extraordinary mentor who shared countless techniques, experiences, Photoshop skills. He inspired me to think beyond still images!

Martin Bonnici from Photography Made Easy, challenged me to think about taking my photography more seriously.

Eugene Sinagra, my loving and supportive husband, who has been my rock and partner in crime for as long as I can remember.

And finally, Rafael Romerosa, my father, whom inspired me to be me and embrace everything I am, and so Luisa ROME was born…

5 minutes with Luisa Rome


What is my favourite childhood memory   |   One of my favourite memories is when my father use to take me to the Spanish Club in Fitzroy where I learnt to dance flamenco. It meant I was able to put on a fancy dress and stomp around as much as I liked

Favourite thing to do in my spare time   |   Be creative with paint, go to the beach for my Vitamin D fix, dance and on every other day eat strawberries and Nutella on the couch…

Something that people don’t really know about me   |   I get the best of both worlds, with my heritage coming from the Philippines and Spain. The best part was being exposed to the food from both cultures… It was my uncle who said, “You don’t eat to live, you live to eat!”

Favourite place to visit   |   Has to be Sevilla in Spain! This was my father’s hometown. It’s here that I was able to understand what made my dad who he was (e.g. the way he cooked, the food he cooked). If you haven’t guessed it already, I do love to try different food and Sevilla is one of those places that is full of delicious dishes, drinks and laid back people! Plus I also share my name with a very famous park there, Maria Luisa…